experience and create a refuge where all are welcome.

In Jesus ministry He invited everyone to come and follow Him. He didn’t require that you believe in Him first. In fact, His own disciples were unsure of Him to start with. 1 It took about 3 years of close knit relationship and discipling for them to come to the conclusion that He indeed was the promised messiah come into the world. 2 Even after they believed and confessed that He was the Son of God, they all turned their backs on Him and fled when he was hauled away by the chief priests and tried by the court. 3 Yet His message to them was “follow me.” In our modern vernacular I think the way to understand this is, whether you believe in Him as the savior of the world or not, you belong. Bring your questions, your concerns, your doubts and your hopes. Let’s see what Jesus will do with them. We want you to know that you belong. Whether it’s for a short time with us or for the long haul, we’re glad you’re with us.

Our Mission

to create spaces where everyone can feel welcome, loved, and safe to develop deep relationships. To achieve this goal, every Belong Group will follow, and regularly review, a set of basic ground-rules to ensure that everyone feels safe sharing.  


What it looks like

3 Annual Sessions 

  • Fall (September 15 - November 22) 

  • Winter (8-10 weeks January-March) 

  • Spring (6-8 weeks April-May)

Meeting Structure

  • Meet weekly for 1.5-2 hours in someone’s home

  • Enjoy snacks + beverages 

  • Fun icebreaker questions

  • Kingdom Questions

    • Where did you see the Kingdom breaking-in this week? 

    • Where do you need the Kingdom to break-in this week?

  • Prayer

Easy-in; Easy-out

  • Groups are open to anyone who wishes to participate 

  • Participants are encouraged to invite friends, neighbors etc. from outside Oasis

  • Participants are welcome to try out different groups each session 

  • Leaders + hosts commit to one session at a time

What is the Kingdom?

In the Vineyard, we love to talk about the Kingdom. Here’s our national director Phil Strout giving a quick explanation on what we mean.