oasis connect groups

oasis connect groups are small group studies usually focused on a topic, book or (our favorite) the scriptures.

Join us this winter for our 8 week Connect Groups. The group focus and discussions will be decided by the Connect Group Leaders. Connect Groups are offered on most nights of the week and different locations all over the Hermiston area.

Connect group sermon study starters


What, If anything, impacted you concerning Sunday's message on marriage?

Read Ephesians 5:15-31

What in your opinion is the best way to keep a marriage healthy? 

Have you ever considered staying single? Why or Why not?

If you have been married, what did you learn about yourself? (Focus on what you learned not things about your (ex)spouse.)

Do you think it would be helpful starting out a marriage to know that God is more interested in your holiness (ability to love God and others) than your happiness (satisfaction received through circumstances or people.)?